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Eclipse van de Duvetorre in FMBB 2008 Slovenia - Long Attack
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Our Females:

Eclipse van de Duvetorre IPO3

Eclipse is an explosive Malinois with an intense desire to work. She is a medium size female with a strong, muscular type. She is very stable environmentally and is social and opened with people. In obedience, Eclipse is dynamic with a vibrant attitude and in protection, hard hitting with a powerful grip.

Eclipse was given to me as a Christmas present from my very good friend and teacher Johan Weckhuyzen from Kennel van de Duvetorre, Belgium. I would like to express my gratitude to Johan for what he has done for me and giving me such a special female. At the moment I am training Eclipse in IPO.

The sire of Eclipse - Cougar van de Duvetorre, is a current contender in Mondio Ring. Cougar is a powerful and substantial male that demonstrates intense biting power with a strong will to work. He is a very social dog with a clear head. Cougar's grandmother - Urelia, is a daughter of Stoned van de Duvetorre who has produced 3 times IPO World Champion - Yagus van de Duvetorre and the lightning fast Turcodos van de Duvetorre.

The dam of Eclipse - Vogue, is a direct Stoned daughter that is also a potent producer who has reproduced Bobbie van de Duvetorre IPO3, Arko van de Duvetorre Belgium Ring NVBK Category 2, and Zwiebel van de Duvetorre Belgium Champion in Ring Sport of Belgium Kennel Club, all of these 3 dogs were sired by different fathers. Eclipse is linebred 4,2 on Stoned.

Please go to Video Clips to see Eclipse's training and trialing footages, or to Accomplishments to see Eclipse's trial results.

Eclipse van de Duvetorre IPO3

                        Unobambino van de Duvetorre BR3
                Ysoi van de Duvetorre
                        Valittu van de Duvetorre
        Cougar van de Duvetorre MR2 L.O.S.H. 0921900

                        L'Cosaque des Deux Pottois FR3

                Xillie van de Duvetorre
Eclipse van de Duvetorre (Born 21-Oct-2005) LOSH 0985911
                        Elgos du Chemin des Plaines MR3
                Stoned van de Duvetorre IPO3
                        Pita BR4
        Vogue of Naiko Home L.O.S.H. 0819860
                        Nobel BR1


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