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Felix with "Corvette" Competing in their First World Championship - 2006 FMBB Hungary
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Felix with Eclipse after Winning the 2006 Special CAC in Gerpinnes, Belgium

Felix with "Corvette" being Presented their First IPO3 by AUSC Chief Judge John McDonald

Felix Judging in China's First Official IPO Trial

Felix with "Corvette" after Successfully Completing their Track in Southern Cross

Felix Communicating with a Dog in One of his Seminars in Hong Kong

Felix with "Corvette" in Gold Coast

Felix with "Corvette" Tracking

Felix Presenting in a Seminar



In 2003, I obtained my Bachelor Degree of Biological Science from La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia. My academic background has proven to be very valuable when it comes to coaching people in dog training because it enables me to structure my ideas and practical knowledge into a systematic way of teaching, which is clear, direct, objective, practical, and easy to understand.

Qualifications & Experiences

I have been intensively and extensively involved with dog training since 2000. The fields I’ve worked in include the training of pet dogs, security dogs, police dogs, and sport dogs.

At the beginning of my career, pet dogs were the most common dogs I came across and my job was to either train these dogs myself or teach their owners how to train them. Most of these training involved basic obedience, socialisation, house breaking, structuring the dogs’ lives to fit into their human families, and behavioural problem solving. Working as a pet dog trainer gave me a lot of experiences with dogs coming from a wide range of breeds, types, ages, and backgrounds.

My work on the early stage involved frequent visits to my clients' homes. Some dog owners would like their dogs trained to guard their properties and stop intruders, or certain security officers needed their dogs to be trained for patrol work. My priority was to train these dogs as a decoy to develop their protective instincts, while instructing the handlers how to keep their dogs in control and focused. Because this type of dogs are required to eventually bite the aggressor for real when absolutely necessary, I also expanded my skill and knowledge as a decoy to prepare dogs so they are “streetwise” and capable to defend their owners under hostile situations. These experiences opened up a lot of doors for me, and I’ve had many opportunities to work with and instruct various police department personnel around the world.

In sports, I've been an active competitor in Schutzhund/IPO since 2004 and since 2007 I've also been cross-training in Ring Sports. To this date, I’ve trained and titled 7 different dogs from puppies to various Schutzhund/IPO and Mondio Ring levels. They are:

  • Schwarchund Marko “Corvette” (Malinois) SchH II, IPO3, 2 Times IPO World Championship Competitor
  • Eclipse van de Duvetorre (Malinois) IPO3, 6 Times IPO World Championship Competitor
  • Genghis van de Duvetorre (Malinois) MR1
  • Raiser's Bronco (German Shepherd) IPO1
  • Karel du Triangle Magique (German Shepherd) IPO1
  • Jack vom Heltorfer Forst (Rottweiler) IPO3, 2015 IFR IPO World Championship Competitor
  • Badboy vom Checkpoint Charlie (Rottweiler) IPO1

  • I’m the first person to title a dog to SchH/IPO3 from China and Hong Kong
  • I’m the first FCI, FMBB, and IFR world championship competitor from China and Hong Kong
  • I’m the first person from China and Hong Kong to title a dog to Mondio Ring 1

Schutzhund/IPO Competition Results


Date Event Dog Level Score Ranking
03.04.04 Trial Gold Coast "Corvette" BH Pass -
26.09.04 Trial Broad Meadows "Corvette" SchH1 84 90 90 -
31.10.04 Trial Eagle Heights "Corvette" SchH2 89 87 88 1st
29.01.05 Trial Total Canine "Corvette" IPO3 85 94 96 1st
19.03.05 Trial Eagle Heights "Corvette" IPO3 93 86 90 1st
04.09.05 Australian National Championship "Corvette" IPO3 90 90 91 2nd


Date Event Dog Level Score Ranking
19.03.06 Trial OC Vlaendren "Corvette" IPO3 99 94 88 1
07.05.06 FMBB WK Hungary "Corvette" IPO3 95 88 82 50
10.09.06 FCI WK Slovenia "Corvette" IPO3 85 86 87 63
21.04.07 Trial VLPV Eclipse vd Duvetorre BH Pass -
06.10.07 Trial De Westerschelde Eclipse vd Duvetorre IPO1 99 98 90 -
11.11.07 Trial OC Vlaendren Eclipse vd Duvetorre IPO2 98 91 93 1
19.04.08 Trial De Westerschelde Eclipse vd Duvetorre IPO3 97 100 97 1
11.05.08 FMBB WK Slovenia Eclipse vd Duvetorre IPO3 88 85 99 25
08.03.09 Special CAC Gerpinnes Eclipse vd Duvetorre IPO3 95 95 96 1
10.05.09 FMBB WK Czech Republic Eclipse vd Duvetorre IPO3 98 91 89 16
06.09.09 FCI WK Austria Eclipse vd Duvetorre IPO3 95 92 89 19
01.11.09 KUCBH Belgian Grand Prix Eclipse vd Duvetorre IPO3 94 94 80 3
31.01.10 CAC Grace-Hollogne Eclipse vd Duvetorre IPO3 100 97 91 1
16.09.10 FCI WK Finland Eclipse vd Duvetorre IPO3 86 93 88 36
01.11.10 KUCBH Belgian Championship Eclipse vd Duvetorre IPO3 98 93 86 5
01.06.11 FMBB WK Belgium Eclipse vd Duvetorre IPO3 82 93 84 44
25.05.13 Trial Waas Jack vom Heltorfer Forst BH Pass -
09.03.14 Trial OC Vlaendren Jack vom Heltorfer Forst IPO1 96 92 89 1
23.11.14 Trial Roosdaal Jack vom Heltorfer Forst IPO2 96 96 94 1
22.03.15 Trial Roosdaal Jack vom Heltorfer Forst IPO3 96 96 92 1
06.04.15 Trial Herleving Badboy vom Checkpoint Charlie BH Pass -
09.10.15 IFR WK Italy Jack vom Heltorfer Forst IPO3 91 92 86 9


My Highest Individual Scores on Each Discipline Are:

Discipline Score Dog Event
Tracking 100 Eclipse van de Duvetorre 2010 Belgian CAC Grace-Hollogne
Obedience 100 Eclipse van de Duvetorre 2008 De Westerschelde Trial, Holland
Protection 99 Eclipse van de Duvetorre 2008 FMBB World Championship Slovenia


Mondio Ring Competition Results


Date Event Dog Level Score Ranking
26.07.09 Trial Galmaarden Genghis vd Duvetorre MR1 166.5 -


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